Daniel Bell - Blip, Blurp, Bleep

Daniel Bell - Blip, Blurp, Bleep


CD - LOG 033 - 2004

Bleep, Blurp, Blip; The Music of Daniel Bell is a compilation CD featuring the best excerpts of this Detroit pioneer's amazing discography.

Daniel Bell often gets credit for creating a new vocabulary in electronic music, composed of acid sounds and streamlined repetitive rhythms, showing an approach of music that is based on refinement and economy in the use of effects. His original and innovative style has influenced a whole generation of producers and has shaped the minimal-house sound coming out of Germany, where he now resides. 

Under his own name or as DBX, Daniel Bell released several classics during the 90’s, including Bleep, Flying Saucer, Phreak and the eternal Losing Control, released on his own labels (7th City, Elevate) or on labels like Peacefrog and Klang. Today, Logistic has the honor of gathering these precious tracks on a CD. 

This project with Daniel Bell follows the release of his mix-CD The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back on Logistic.

Logistic Records © 2004

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