Bruno Pronsato - The Lime Works Vol.2

Bruno Pronsato - The Lime Works Vol.2


12” - TEL22 - 2005

For the second volume of the lime works series, Bruno strikes back with 3 fantastic tracks. This is sophisticated and rich music that is chock-full of the Bruno jazz-funk influence. Hoeller, the most obvious dance-floor track, stands as a hit! This one has a killer groove that is laced with the usual warm and tricky sounds that we have become used to from Bruno - we predict that the Djs will love this one. Plank by Plank presents us with a musical, yet somehow dark, techno number. This one has the freak formula for sure: a twisted, acoustic piano, flying bass line and a creepy bell-like arpeggiation. With Bruno, it doesn't get any stranger, so we think this one will be perfect ammunition for the more adventurous after party. Urbanchich Method, the backbone behind this EP, sends the listener on a crazy journey... Here, we think, is the oddest Bruno atmosphere to date. Horror movie style Rhodes, lyrics telling us the "blood flows tonight"...crazy drum programming and OF COURSE, the sensual-exotica voice of Pronsato's wife- Barbara. This track is a master piece! 

More Lime Works to follow..

A1. Hoeller

A2. Plank by Plank

B.. Urbanchich Method

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