Nyra - Diastix

Nyra - Diastix


12” - LOG68 - 2011

Here is a classic techno release introducing Nyra a young producer from the UK– 3 tracks guided by an innate sense of rhythm, musicality and flow. Deep, low slung and stripped back. Those tracks blending of grooves loosely fit under the banner of house and techno and have a timeless quality. The music is stripped down to the essential reminding the style from the greats like R.Hood or D.Bell. The least we can say is this young producer has a very promising career ahead looking at how huge his music already sounds. Those tracks should make the dj’s pleasure as they’ve been conceived to played loud ! Enjoy.

A1. Diastix

A2. Solone

B. Heppen 

Logistic Records © 2011

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