Post Office - Special Argentina Madness

Post Office - Special Argentina Madness


Funzion, Gurtz, Violett, Dilo, JorgeSavoretti, Sepa, Leonel Castillo, Franco Cinelli,

LP - Tel 030LP - 2006

Post Office 1&2 received exclusive tracks of the most famous artists representing the Minimal Techno scene (Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood, Pantytec, Daniel Bell, Luciano, Cabanne, Ark, Dandy Jack…). The Telegraph reference compilation comes back now to taste the Argentina Madness! This country has a very newfound electronic history. We selected 8 amazing artists coming from Mendoza, Rosario, Cordoba and Buenos Aires for 9 tracks with a minimal sensibility and, furthermore, with a non-stop energy! A groovy, warm and strange sound as we love at Telegraph.

We have here Gurtz and Funzion (Too Cool for School 2 - Tel 24), Violett (Kids Ep - Tel 27) along with Dilo, Seph, Leonel Castillo, Jorge Savoretti and Franco Cinelli offering incredible tracks for this project!

Telegraph Records © 2006

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