The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back ! - Daniel Bell

The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back ! - Daniel Bell


The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back !

CD - LOG 028CD - 2003

After John Thomas and Robert Hood, the production work for the third part of the Dj-mix series "Caught in the Act" has been handed to legendary Detroit producer Daniel Bell. "The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!" mix represents the minimal and funky sound he's always been developing. Contained rhythms and a strong DBX flavour terminate in an irresistible groove and a unique Dj set made of rare tracks, released on labels such as Classic, Kompakt, Frictional, 7th City, Perlon, Playhouse, Palette or Karat... Sonic landscapes evolve from stripped down techno structures, to melodies and skilfully scattered, creating a very hypnotic, Detroit rooted atmosphere. A trip into the mind of Daniel Bell : here is an intimate experience with one of electronic music's pioneers you cannot miss.

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