The Grass Roots EP - Radiq

The Grass Roots EP - Radiq


The Grass Roots Ep

12" - LOG56 - 2006

The Grass Roots ep is the only 12" from Radiq latest album "Tomorrow's Quest" released early 2006. The single "The Grass Roots" is originally written & produced by Radiq and Paul St. Hilaire, the ep includes 3 reinterpretations of the track by Akufen, Dimbiman and Radiq.

A1. Radiq's Babylon dub mix mixes house and groovy hypnotic dub. A2. Followed by Akufen‘s funk sight who favorises the acoustic side, a super high class production remix made up in a seventies atmosphere. B. The B side is dedicated to Thomas Franzman aka Zip or Dimbiman, master of the great Perlon label. His remix adds to a minimal and tricky rhythmic a very good application of the Paul St. Hilaire’s voice.

Logistic Records © 2006

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