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Gora & Eloy
Post Office 4 (Bonus EP)

12’ - TEL48 - 2019

Kicking off in fine style, Gora teamed up with Boogizm co-founder Fym as “Gora & Eloy”. Their new project is a unique masala blend of hi-tech-lo-fi, weird bleeps and warm analogue deep funky techno. Their productions are devoid of cliche and full of quirky flavors; all whilst maintaining a massive dancefloor appeal.

A1. Rug IV
A2. Sabre
B1. Kaapi Cerise Rusk
B2. Poppenhusen

All tracks written & produced by Jan Mayerhofer (Gora) and Manutchehr G. Ghassemlou (Eloy/Fym).
All compounded things are impermanent. May you be happy !
P&C 2019 Logistic Records

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Bruno Pronsato
Contact in Tokyo

Bruno Pronsato's productions often appear very sophisticated, almost avant-garde for an advised audience and have influenced a large part of the techno minimalist producers of the past two decades. An artist with incredible talent who breaks the barriers of the genre. What we know less about Bruno Pronsato are his live performances which, unlike his productions, are accessible and generous.

Groove and sexy lives to dance. The idea of this disc was to show this side of Bruno. This disc was recorded live during a concert at the legendary Club Contact in Tokyo with Fumiya Tanaka. While recorded live this record remains good Dj tool. This record also marks the return of Logistic records after almost 10 years of absence.

Recorded live at Contact in Tokyo, Japan on December 2017

A1. Vocals Angus Andrew From Liars / Additional Sounds Sammy Dee

B1. Additional Sounds Akiko Kiyama / Vocals & Additional Sounds Fumiya Tanaka
Vocals Barbara Pronsato / Vocals Bruno Pronsato / Additional Sounds Sammy Dee

C1.Vocals & Additional Sounds Fumiya Tanaka / Horns Daze Maxim / Additional Sounds Sammy Dee / Vocals Katou / Vocals Barbara Pronsato / Additional Sounds Thomas Melchior / Additional Sounds Mikael Stavöstrand / Additional Sounds James Patrick

D1 Additional Music & Vocals Benjamin Myers - From NDF’S DFA Release ’Since We Last Met’ / Vocals Barbara Pronsato / Vocals Caro aka Randy Jones / Additional Electric Bass Yonatan Levi / Additional Sounds Sammy Dee / Additional Sounds Mikael Stavöstrand / Shakers Papacito

All rights reserved / P&C 2019 Logistic Records / / LOG 72 LP
Image credits: Keffer / - Graphic design: Artworklove Studio